• AFPTOOL - Convert AFPDS spooled files into PDF, TIFF or PCL files to view, print, or email.
  • eRPG SDK - Create RPG web applications quickly and easily with The eRPG Software Development Kit.
  • FTPTOOL - Lock down your FTP server using this popular tool!
  • G4G - Integrate Google Apps APIs such as Cloud Print and Google Calendar into your applications with ease!
  • G4MS - Integrate Microsoft Applications such as OneDrive into your applications.
  • GETURI - Communicate with web services using this 100% native iSeries HTTP client! Upload files, verify credit cards, send and retrieve HTML or XML data, SSL functionality and much more!
  • GREENJAB - The first XMPP client for the IBM i (iSeries, System i, AS/400). Compatible with Google Talk and Jabber!
  • JOBWATCH - Montior jobs on your IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) and run any command or program on your system for any job status!
  • JSONTOOL - Parse JSON using RPG or any ILE Language.
  • LSTFFD - List fields, data types and sizes of fields in a file. Check database relatations with one key!
  • MAILTOOL - The best and easiest to use email client for the iSeries. Email from the command line or a program. With MAILTOOL Plus, the IBM SMTP server isn't even required!
  • OBJTOOL - A low cost replacement for PDM for those machines that don't require the IBM development tools.
  • OUTQTRG - Easily set up and configure commands or programs that can be run when spooled files become available on your system. Email, messaging, the possibilities are endless!
  • SCNMSGF - Make scanning for message IDs in a message file easy with SCNMSGF. Enter entire or partial text and SCNMSGF will search for matches and display the message ID.
  • SPL2SPL - Duplicate spooled files to up to 10 output queues. Makes report distribution simple! A perfect compliment to SPLTOOL!
  • SPLTOOL - Convert or email reports in PDF, HTML, RTF, Text and other formats from a single command or from the user-friendly interface with this best selling product!
  • SPLTOOLSUITE - A complete package including SPLTOOL, AFPTOOL and MAILTOOL allowing conversion and emailing of *SCS and *AFPDS spooled files!